With 12 years of history, WPO remains true to its pioneering spirit and makes a bold move into shifting its business model.

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The GreenToken Project

Everywhere, the first manifestations of climate change are sending serious warnings to the population of our planet. The Paris Agreement, which came into force in 2016, has launched the momentum for renewable energies as a key driver of the current energy transition towards a truly sustainable future. In this context, we must all now equip ourselves with tools that will live up to the challenge.

Entrusted with a power generation portfolio equivalent to the entire electricity needs of large cities such as Manchester, Dublin or Toulouse with already more than 3,900 megawatts of wind and 1,200 solar photovoltaic megawatts under mandate on more than 600 sites across Europe, WPO has been at the forefront of the economic and technological challenges that favors our environment for the last 11 years.

The recent Blockchain technologies are a unique and unprecedented opportunity to finally disrupt the status quo and enable the more traceable, decentralized and sustainable energy solution that we urgently need on a global scale to preserve future generations.

Always faithful to its pioneering spirit, WPO plans to issue the first secure and irrefutable renewable energy production certificates on the world market. These blocks of data certified directly on the production sites by our own care will be valuable, auditable, tradable, exchangeable, and usable anywhere in the world.

WPO aims to ensure our certificates become the international standard, encouraging the production of energy from socially and environmentally responsible sources and allowing its traceability. And to access our certificates, we have created a utility token. It is the tool that makes the energy transition a robust and concrete project for all interested parties.

Our ultimate goal is to become a leading global player in the digital energy transition, one of those rare "unicorns" that are perceived as truly disruptive, bringing new dimensions to their own industry.

Do you want to join us in this positive revolution and contribute to the global mobilization for renewable energies as a key lever to sustain life as we love it on our planet Earth?

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